Rules of the Park

We're all for fun, but safety is very important as well. We want everyone to feel safe at Fun Mountain. Please read through our rules for more information.

For Your Safety…

All patrons must read and obey all park signs.  The lifeguards on the pool decks will answer any questions you have in regards to signs or slide rules.  All patrons in diapers must wear swim diapers.  If you have forgotten to bring them, they are available at the gift store.


First Aid

Fun Mountain takes your safety seriously.  All lifeguards are NLS certified and have First Aid certification.  We have two first aid stations:  one on the pool deck and one in the office building.  Pool water quality is checked hourly.


Park Rules: Not Permitted

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of our guests, the following are not permitted in the park or on the premises:

  • Glass containers

  • Alcohol

  • Smoking (allowed outside the park gates)

  • Outside food or beverages (allowed at your vehicle)

  • BBQ’s (not permitted anywhere on Fun Mountain property)

  • Nude sunbathing

  • Thong swimwear

  • Offensive language on clothing

  • Pets

  • Water balloons


Sliding Rules:  Not Permitted

  • Head first

  • Running starts

  • Stopping, standing, kneeling in slides

  • Sliding on stomach

  • Getting in or out between top and bottom of slide

  • Street wear cut offs, denim shorts with buttons or buckles are not permitted on any of the water slides.  Traditional swimwear required.   In the event that you have forgotten you swimsuit at home, we have swimwear available for sale in the gift shop.


Sliding Rules: Permitted

  • On back or bum (unless indicated otherwise)

  • Feet first

  • Adult and small child on designated slides only

  • Lifejackets  (unless indicated otherwise)


Specific Water Slide Rules

River Ride:

Adult Tubes allowed only, with double riders on double tubes only (each rider must be sitting in each section, if adult & child go down, the child must be in front & big enough to sit in the hole while holding the handles).  Pool is 4 ft. deep.  *PFD’s allowed

Cherry Bomb:

Tubes not allowed.  Single riders only!  No exceptions.  A small child MUST be caught at the bottom even if they are wearing a *PFD.  Pool is 4 ft. deep.  *PFD’s allowed.


Tubes not allowed.  LYING DOWN ONLY!  Single riders only in laying down position!  No Exceptions.  Children are not allowed to be caught at the bottom & must be able to swim on their own.  Pool is 4 ft. deep.  Sliders wearing *PFD’s are not allowed on the slide.

Twister, Bonzai, and Tunnel Drop:

Tubes not allowed.  Adult & child riders permitted.  Adult may catch a child at the bottom if the child can manage to slide alone.

Shot Gun:

Single riders only!  No exceptions.  Adult may catch a child at the bottom if the child can manage to slide alone.  Pool is 4 ft. Deep.  *PFD’s allowed.

Kids Slides:

For children 54” (4 ½ feet) tall or under.  An adult must accompany young children.  Adult may catch a child at the bottom if the child can manage to slide alone.  Tubes not allowed on Kids body slides.

Kids River Ride:

Children’s tubes allowed.  Single tube riders only (Adult-child not allowed to slide together in a single tube).  Pool is 2 ½ ft. deep.  *PFD’s allowed.

Hot Tub:

No jumping, swimming or playing in the hot tub.  Patron’s head must stay above water.  Maximum 50 people at one time.   No flotation toys permitted.  2 ½ ft. deep.   *PFD’s allowed.

Activity/Splash Pool:

Designed for casual water play/splashing.  Max. 50 people at a time.   Pool is 4 ft. deep.  *PFD’s allowed.

Bumper Boats:

*PFD’s must be worn.  PFD’s are provided free of charge for bumper boat participants.   Must be at least 48” tall to drive the bumper boat.


Shoes/sandals must be worn.  No bare feet.  Max 4 people per playing group.  Putter should remain below knee level.  No food or drink.  No climbing on fence.  Please keep off of rock work or water areas and remain on playing area.  Putters and balls must stay within mini-golf area.


Non-Compliant Procedure

In the event that a guest is non-compliant with park regulations, the guest may be required to leave the park without compensation or refund.


Lightning Procedure

In the event of lightening, announcements will be made on the PA system for everyone to exit the pools & slide areas and to seek shelter under the shelters and in buildings.  All park staff help get patrons to safety.  All park activities will remain closed until/if/when it is safe to re-open.

*PFD – Personal Flotation Device/ Lifejacket