Is there a lodging/campground nearby?

Camping: Town and Country is located right next door and can accommodate your camping needs, whether you have a camper or big rig (30 or 50 amp service) or are wishing to do some camping.  Phone:  1-888-615-1995 www.townandcountrycamping.com

Lodging: Windsor Park Canad Inns is a quick 6 minute drive from the park off Lagimodiere.  Phone: 1-888-332-2623  www.canadinns.com


Do you accept older coupons or coupons from the Yellow Pages?

Fun Mountain does not accept the Yellow Pages coupons because they were printed without our authorization.  We also do not accept any old coupons or our contest winnings. Each coupon series or contest winning applies to the season in which it was won.


May I use coupons with group rates?

No, coupons cannot be combined with already reduced group rates.


Do I get a refund if the park closes early due to bad weather?

Fun Mountain does not give refunds due to inclement weather unless the customer has been at the park for less than an hour, with proof of purchase, and Fun Mountain closes the park.


Does everyone have to pay to get into the park?

Yes, everyone pays who wants to enter the park. 


Can I bring a picnic?

Fun Mountain offers a wide variety of awesome food at our concessions.  Fun Mountain does not allow any outside food or beverage into the park (just like many other entertainment venues in the city, including movie theatres, and MTS Centre) with the exception of factory sealed bottled water, baby food (not in glass containers) and provable allergy sufferers.  If you wish to bring your own meals, or suffer from Celiac disease, you can go back to your vehicles at leisure.


Do I need to bring cash or do you accept debit and credit cards?

We do accept debit, Visa and MasterCard at most of our venues.  We also have an ATM on site. Concession is cash only.


Am I allowed to smoke in the waterpark?

Fun Mountain is smoke-free as it is considered a public place and we expect our guests to adhere to this rule even though the park is outdoors and covers a large area. The wristband that you are given before entering the park allows you to leave the park and re-enter without penalty on the day of your visit so that you can exit the park and smoke outside the park.  Please be courteous of the other guests waiting in line at the Admission booth.


Do I need Footwear?

Fun Mountain’s walkways, like any hard surface, absorb the sun’s heat.   We recommend that you wear some type of secure footwear.  If you do not have proper footwear or have forgotten yours at home, you can purchase some at our gift store.


Do you have lifejackets?

Lifejackets are available at the gift store on a first come, first serve basis.  A phone number and deposit are required.


Do you have lockers available?

Yes, we recommend that you secure your valuables in a locker.  Fun Mountain is not responsible for lost or stolen items whether in the park or outside of the park.  Locker keys are available at the gift store for a nominal fee and a deposit.

We DO NOT guarantee that lockers are available, and will not refund gate admission if the lockers are full.


What about my valuables?

It is best to leave valuables at home.  Every day, something is left behind at the park.  If you forget something, be sure to call us as soon as possible.  Due to the nature of the park being outdoors and water related, many lost and found items are difficult to store and consequently get discarded.  Water resistant items are easier to take care of and are more likely to be retrieved by park attendants and held in safe keeping until the owner inquires of them.


What should I put in my GPS?

N49.83153, -96.98104


Do you hire lifeguards?

Yes, all of our lifeguards are NLS and first aid certified.


Do you have a First Aid station?

Yes, Fun Mountain has 2 First Aid stations, one on the pool deck and one in the office building.   All lifeguards are certified in first aid.


What if I forget my bathing suit, sunglasses or sunscreen?

All of these items and many more are available at the gift store.


Is Fun Mountain wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Fun Mountain doesn’t have any steps on it’s walking paths or entry. However: access to slides does require climbing stairs.


Is there public transit to Fun Mountain?

No, Fun Mountain is just outside the city limits and is not on any transit route.  We are very easy to find if carpooling is an option.


Can I book a specific area or spot for my group or party?

Yes, if there will be 25 or more, a canopy can be booked.  Availability is on a first come, first serve basis.  Groups of 25 or more can also enjoy reduced group rates.


Do you cater meals?

Yes, we have special catered meals for groups of 25 or more. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD OUR CATERING ORDER FORM.