Working for Fun Mountain is quite the magical job experience. Spend the summer in the sun, basking in the glory that is warm weather causing inexplicably better tans than anyone else you run into. That's perk number 1! There's many others. Fill out this form to apply for a job with us for the 2017 season for a splashtastic summer, Winnipeg.

  • Full-time and Part-time Positions available. 

  • Starting on or around June 14th to end of August. 

  • Some individuals or positions may require training prior to June 14th.  

  • Please attach resume to form or send an email

  • Fun Mountain staff will receive 10 free basic passes to the park to use for family and/or friends. 

  • Fun Mountain staff get complementary entrance into the park for the duration of their employment with us except during special or evening events.

  • Cashier/Hill Monitor/Maintenance:  These positions sometimes interchange.  If there is a shortage on the hill, a cashier may be asked to fill a hill monitor position and vice versa, or if maintenance needs help with the washrooms or with pickup, we expect team participation.  At Fun Mountain flexibility creates productivity.

  • Lifeguard/Hill Monitor:  Lifeguards may need to fill Hill monitor positions, and garbage pickup, help with getting the pools ready for open and clearing pool decks and decking of leaves, branches, etc.

  • Everyone is expected to be observant of and respond to situations where safety and cleanliness may be or become compromised.  A safe and enjoyable environment for all: staff, customers, and owners alike.  All must be able to follow company policies.



Position Descriptions:


Friendly, good customer relations, not easily frustrated, handle cash with accuracy, good organization, punctual, observant, clean, professionally engaging with customers, team player, ability to work on own, stay on task, multi-tasking ability, speak and write English, able to work in a fast-paced environment and enjoy being around people all day.

Duties include (but not limited to): Stocking shelves, balancing floats, handling cash, dusting, and organizing, answering customer questions in a polite manner, making announcements, unlocking lockers, cleaning picnic tables and chairs, garbage pickup, etc.

Maintenance Gal

Friendly, observant, clean, answering customer questions in a polite manner, ability to work on own or as a team player, stay on task, punctual, speak and write English, comfortable with being around people all day, willingness to help out wherever needed, not have any sensitivity to cleaners or paints.

Duties include (but not limited to): Keeping washrooms clean, tidy and stocked, keeping grounds clean, garbage pickup, assisting with bumper boats, painting, staining, using lawn mower or weed eater, may assist with hill or cashier, etc.

Maintenance Guy

Friendly, observant, clean, answering customer questions in a courteous manner, ability to work on own or as a team player, stay on task, speak and write English, comfortable being around people all day, willingness to help out wherever needed, not have any sensitivity to cleaners or paints, boater licence an asset but not essential, speak and write English.

Duties include (but are not limited to): Keeping washrooms clean and tidy and stocked, garbage pickup, working bumper boats, kayaks, driving pontoon boat, painting, staining, using lawn mower and weed eater, may assist with security or hill, conduct water tests, clean hot tub and pools, fix picnic tables, etc.

Short-order Cook

Good customer and staff relations, friendly, works well with other staff, good communications skills, multi-tasked, take initiative, responsible, fast but accurate, punctual, team player, organized, stay on task, excel at food preparation and presentation, cleanliness, speak and write English.

Duties include (but are not limited to): Prep, cleaning, stocking coolers, making weekly food orders, cooking food per order or in advance for concession and/or group catering, keep equipment clean, keep kitchen clean, comply with all of the health inspectors expectations, food handlers certificate an asset but not essential. Assist cashier when applicable, etc.

Hill Monitor

Good customer relations, interacting with customers, friendly, safety conscience, confident, observant, ability to work in a variety of weather conditions, stay on task, alert, focused, ability to work un-supervised, team player, quick reaction time, punctual, good communications skills, speak and write English, not easily intimidated or offended by others.

Duties include (but are not limited to): Checking slides for defects, awareness of slide restrictions and safety precautions, supervising use of slides, communicating with lifeguards via radios, keeping decks and stairs clean, assisting with garbage pickup, may be asked to fill a cashier or maintenance persons position if short or over staffed.


Friendly, be able to communicate well with each other and to customers and management, ensure slide and pool safety including cleanliness, ensure patron well being and sense of safety, alert, focused, responsible, ability to work on own or as a team, current on all certifications for the duration of the summer, speak and write English.

Duties include (but are not limited to): Checking slide and pools regularly, administering first aid, observing and responding to potential safety situation, assisting weak swimmers and equipping them with lifejackets when applicable, assisting hill monitors with non-compliant customers, educating hill monitors and customers about slide and safety policies, watching pool water for and anticipating possible drowning situations and reacting where necessary, garbage pickup, etc.

Lifeguard Supervisor

Mature, responsible, experienced, confident, focused, punctual, able to communicate well with others, ability to handle stress while remaining calm, quick decision making ability, good communications skills, observant, responsive, not easily offended, can take charge, not squeamish around blood or injuries, speak and write English, French is an asset but not necessary.

Duties include (but not limited to): Supervising lifeguards and hill monitors, relaying information to management, taking initiative to correct potential health hazards, mediate lifeguard and hill monitor grievances, ensuring proper rotations and that all positions are filled adequately, making and when necessary, revising staff schedule for lifeguards and hill monitors, when there are two supervisors on duty, regular tour of hill positions must occur to ensure alertness, comfort and proper customer interaction. First responder duties for major first aid but not beyond qualifications, request ambulance or police when necessary, keep up on all relevant paper work, organize and participate in staff training when relevant, ensure all lifeguards are current on certifications and have copies of them on file and on site, may have to interact with health inspector or insurance inspectors.

Assistant Supervisor

Very similar to Lifeguard supervisor position but is a prepatory or “Trial” position for future Supervisor position. Anyone who chooses or takes an assistant supervisor position is an indication of a longer-term commitment to the park.

Office Personnel

Friendly, courteous, accurate, speak and write English, French is an asset but not necessary, good verbal and written communications skills, comfortable in an office environment, organized, professional.

Duties include (but are not limited to): Taking and returning calls, taking messages, updating social media, taking bookings, preparing for groups: ticket creation, invoicing, sending faxes, letters, ensuring proper group set up on grounds, processing time cards, creating new time cards, ensuring groups get into the park efficiently, may do cashier or hill positions during slow days or times or help out with entertainment, etc. 

Security Guard

Calm, confident, not easily offended or scared, serious about enforcing company policies and reducing theft or abuse, diplomatic, reasonable, speak and write English, French may be an asset but not necessary, previous experience is helpful.

Duties include (but are not limited to): Checking bags, dealing with customer conflicts, relaying information to management, checking security footage when necessary, watching for and dealing with theft in the gift store, calling authorities when necessary, decongesting traffic or dealing with improper parking in parking lot or assisting in situations of triple parking, etc. 4 days per week, must be available most week ends.

Entertainment Organizer/Participant

Friendly, bubbly, enthusiastic, not shy, great with customers of all ages and cultures, like to smile, speak and write English, French an asset but not necessary, approachable, self-motivated, patient, likeable, can work independently or as a team.

Duties include (but are not limited to): Getting customers to participate activities, or performing/teaching actions to songs, organize and putting on contests, children’s activities, random prize giveaways, walking around in the mascot uniform, organizing and assisting with birthday parties, fill in for breaks, help with security, corporate events, etc. Must be available most weekends.

Child minding/Concession

We have 2 positions that are half child-minding two children and half concession. Previous child minding experience is necessary. This is ideal for individuals who do not have much or any job experience but do have experience with children. You will gain experience in the concession thus obtaining important job experience.


Sometimes it is hard for students to find work due to a lack of job experience so to help out those individuals, we will be accepting applications for those who would also like to volunteer at the park to gain experience. In return for every 3 hours worked we will compensate with a free all-inclusive pass to the park. This is also a way for us to get to know unskilled and often young workers before employing them and giving them experience and a reference for their resume. A resume and references are still required.